Dear Colleagues,

I am happy that I can recommend Amigdala organization, from Skopje, Macedonia, to become a member of FEPTO.

The training program of this organization is in co ordinance with FEPTO criteria, and this organization is closely cooperating with Institute for Psychodrama. The trainers who are providing it, are highly competent and experienced professionals, which are dedicated to psychodrama method.

I had the pleasure to cooperate with Mirjana Jovanovska Stojanovska, who is the founder and leader of Amigdala, since 2001. During this period, I got familiar with her professional knowledge and practise as psychodrama practitioner, trainer and supervisor. During last year I was leading training seminars with students of this organization. The level of professional competence of those students /trainees was fascinating, which shows the competetence of trainers.

The ethical principles of trainers and staff of Amigdala organization is in co ordinance with relevant ethical code of EAP.

The presence of professionals of Amigdala Association in FEPTO is of high importance of development for psychodrama in region and enrichment for future development of FEPTO. Cordially,

Dr Vladimir Milosevic,

Institute of Psychodrama and Group Work

The School of Analytic Psychodrama

To: FEPTO Membership Committee

December 24, 2010

This letter is a recommendation for the psychodrama training program of The School of Psychodrama AMIGDALA, from Skopje, Macedonia, as part of the application process to become a FEPTO member.

I know the program for a few years and am personally familiar with all the Trainer and students. I had the opportunity to learn about the program – I heard and read about the program and I had visit the Macedonia 3 times as trainer and had met the trainees and trainer program and interviewed them as part of this process.

I base my recommendation on my acquaiI base my recommendation on my acquaintanceship of the trainer, the head of the program Mirjana Jovanovska Stojanovska Also known as Mimi. I am well familiar with other distinguished Trainers in Macedonia and think that Psychodrama is well evolved in this country. The main contributor to these developments is Mimi with her endless pursuit of professionalism and high standards of training and developments.

The psychodrama training program School of Psychodrama AMIGDALA which exists now for a number of years. The head of the program is considered one of the founding members of psychodrama in

Macedonia though as second generation of psychodramatists she is proving the history and enthusiasm of psychodrama there. Mimi served in the organizations relevant to our profession in the various positions and showed passionate commitment to the excellence.

The trainees of the program are encouraged to participate in conferences and educational events. In my contact with them, I met much passion toward psychodrama along with eagerness to learn and to be exposed to new ways leading to willingness to be involved in a dialogue. As the result of the high standards of the staff and their commitment to their students, to their organization and to psychodrama, I am certain they maintain the highest ethics and quality of training.

I reviewed the program’s details and compared it to FEPTO training standards with those of SH and I reviewed the program’s details and compared it to FEPTO training standards with those of SH and found no contradictions. I recommend the training program for psychodrama The School of Psychodrama AMIGDALA to become a candidate for membership in FEPTO with no hesitation.

Oded Navé

Kivunim Institute

The School of Analytic Psychodrama


[email protected]